2020 Encore - Rear Vision Camera

If you're a car buyer in Richmond, Burnaby or Surrey looking for a compact SUV, come down to Dueck On Marine in Vancouver, British Columbia. You'll want to check out the new inventory we have available, especially the 2020 Buick Encore. Every drive around Vancouver will be safer with Buick's rear vision camera.

Rear Vision Camera Overview

For added safety and security while parking your vehicle, you'll love the standard rear vision camera in the Buick. The rear vision camera is located on the back of the vehicle, and it shows any obstacles in the camera's line of sight on the Encore's display inside the vehicle.

2020 Encore - Rear Vision Camera

Benefits & How-to Guide For the Rear Vision Camera

One of the benefits of the rear vision camera is that it provides the driver with greater visibility while in reverse. You'll be able to see obstacles or pedestrians behind your vehicle. The rear vision camera can reduce your chances of a collision. The rear vision camera also aids in parking your Buick as you'll be able to see any curbs, parking lines or markers, which will allow easier parking in tight spaces around the Vancouver area. To activate the rear vision camera, shift your car into reverse. The area behind the vehicle will appear on the Buick's centre display. Children and other obstacles may not always be visible in the rear vision camera, so always use caution when backing up. The rear vision camera should not replace checking for obstacles visually after you have confirmed that the area behind your vehicle is clear, back up carefully. When you are ready to shift into drive, tap the brakes, and shift the gearshift into gear. The vehicle's infotainment display system will stop showing the image from the rear vision camera. To make sure your rear vision camera is functioning correctly, clean the camera lens frequently. Debris, dirt, ice or water can obscure or obstruct the camera's image. Use a cloth to clean the camera lens.

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