Camera Technologies

Camera Views To Help You Tow With Confidence
You know Silverado and Sierra have the legendary power to handle heavy loads. But towing isn't about power alone. Silverado's and Sierra's also offer a number of dynamic trailering features - including a Technology Package that gives you up to 15 unique views, with available accessory cameras, to help provide better visibility during the entire towing experience. 

Six Available Driving Views
See a view that virtually erases your trailer. Keep an eye on your trailer cargo and see objects or other vehicles around you.
Transparent Trailer
Allows the driver to virtually "see through" a conventional hitched box or camping trailer.
Front Camera View
Display front view with available guidelines to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.
Pic-In-Pic Side View
Combines two view - the Rear Side View and the Rear Trailer View. Requires available accessory camera.
Rear Camera Mirror
An available dual-function camera-based rearview mirror that provides a wider, less obstructed field of view than a traditional rear-view mirror.
Rear Trailer View
Uses an available accessory camera that can be installed to show vehicles or objects behind the trailer.
Inside Trailer View
Allows the driver to monitor trailer contents or cargo using an available accessory camera that can be installed in the trailer.
Four Available Hitch Views
Get a better look at your surroundings for more precise alignment when you're connecting a trailer.

Hitch View
Provides a close-up view of the receiver hitch for precise alignment when connecting to a trailer.

Surround View
Gives a top-down bird's-eye view of the truck's surroundings.
Rear Top-Down View
Shows the clearance between the truck bed and nearby objects.
Bed View
Allows you to see inside the cargo bed to help with fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitching and to check on cargo.
Five Available Parking Views
Maneuvering through tight parking lots and along curbs with ease.
Rear Camera View
Displays a rear view of the truck to assist with parking and tight maneuvers. 
Front Side View
Shows the position of the front tires when parking and during tight maneuvers. 
Rear Side View
Provides a line of sight down each side of the truck and trailer to allow added views.

Bowl View
Provides a rear-facing 3D surround view, useful for low-speed backing maneuvers. 

Front Top-Down View
A top-down view of the hood, bumper and front tires for tight maneuvers in parking lots or along curbs.