Feb 17th, 2014

Thank you Ian!

We are happy and absolutely COMPLETELY SATISFIED with all aspects of our purchase. We are happy to share that information with GM and excited to let them know how wonderful our experience with Edgars, you and Dueck Marine was as a whole, was.

Thank you again for all your help. It came at a time where we really needed a break and you were there to life our spirits.

Thank you.



Feb 11th, 2014


I just wanted to take a moment to say a BIG THANKS for the patience, endurance and great attitudes that both Zubar and Nicole had when we showed up out of the blue and purchased a truck 2 Sundays ago.

Zubar and Nicole know all the drama that led to our purchasing a new truck and both were so awesome dealing with our anxieties, questions and endless pursuit for the best price. Needless to say, their ability to accommodate and endure our 5 hour plight paid off. We are proud owners of a beautiful platinum (to match my engagement ring- wink wink) Sierra 1500 VROOOOOMMM truck.

I applaud both of them for their excellent customer service. Both Don and I feel they were exceptional and will be referring anyone who asks where to buy a vehicle, to Dueck on Marine- just ask for Zubar.

Zubar and Nicole were so good we “dumped” our long- time friend and sales associate from Eagle Ridge in Port Moody for them. Don has always gone to Eagle Ridge until now- And I am sorry to say Zubar, he is now your loyal client!  U may want to exile to Morocco sooner than later. LOL

Again, thanks for your understanding. We are very happy owners.

Andrea Pearmain

Feb 3rd, 2014

Dear Paul,

Thank you for helping make my experience with Dueck amazing. The help you provided with respect to the scrape on the front right bumper and the  small dent on the hood was outstanding. I can't say enough about how  professional you handled that situation and have already had several  conversations with friends about the fantastic experience I had  buying a car through Dueck.

I am sure I will see you again.


Brad Parno


Oct 17th, 2013


December 15th, 2013


Dear Peter,

This is just a short note to thank you for your dull on approach to service.

I really didn’t know what to do with my Mom’s car and yet knew if it could be fixed it would be ideal for the transportation of my two disabled brother and their mobility supports…and yes, there were many, many memories c=attached to that Old Chevy Nova.

So with the news that my brother from Ontario wanted to come home and transfer to a care facility here (perhaps joining out brother at the one hi is in) I stewed about what to do next…I’ll call Dueck’s I thought.

My mom was a faithful customer of Dueck’s since the 50’s and each time there was a car need, we knew where to go. John Allen, a salesman there in the 70s and 80s, saw me into a couple of cars. He also helped my husband and I with our first family car a 1977 Chevy Station Wagon!... always a good quality used cars that we knew we could trust in as did we know we could trust in the salesman and the company. John also fixed my Mom up with her favourite car of all times…a new 1966 Chev Impala…and then finally the Chevy Nova in 1987!

So here we go again…Dueck’s through you this time, stepped up to the plate with an extraordinary level of service.

I was overwhelmed by the attention I received from you as you worked to ensure that the Nova was inspected thoroughly. Your advice of letting it go was based on hard evidence and evidence I trusted. It was thus much easier to swallow.

I was overwhelmed by the sales manager’s support and the quality of car I have ended up with. Kurtis Lemon was delightful young man to deal with as well! All this is coming at a time when my heart and brain are under a fair bit of stress.

I am not able to thank you enough.

My kindest regards,

Marja de Jong Westman


Oct 4th, 2013

When I arrived at the dealership intent on purchasing a car that very day, I thought I was asking too much.  I was interested in purchasing or leasing a car and although I had in mind what I wanted, I had not realized the myriad of options for me to consider.  The general sales manager, David Kent, took the time to show me different models and their features.  But once I made the decision of the model, David put me in touch with  Carlos Savez, the Cruze specialist, who was able to answer all my questions and help me pick the right package.  He was knowledgable and also assisted in working out all the pricing options so I could make an informed decision of whether it was in my best interests to purchase or lease.  As luck would have it, the car I wanted was the one in the showroom – furthest from the front doors.  “Not a problem at all”  they said as a team of staff members moved five or six vehicles to remove the newly purchased car for detailing while I completed the paperwork.  Carlos truly shined when I took delivery of the car the same day (in just four hours!) spending time to orientate me with my new vehicle.  Karen (don’t know her last name) in finance was also a joy to meet as she walked me through the finance paper work.  A great team effort by all.  Thank you to everyone for making my new car acquisition so painless and pleasurable.


Susan van Altena


August 9th, 2013

My car purchase and he was absolutely amazing! I had been speaking with 3 other GM representatives (at other dealerships) and all failed to follow up after our appointments. Dueck did a fantastic job with retaining our relationship which resulted to earning my business. I had to wait a couple of weeks for me desired Encore to arrive. They made sure to follow up with me on a regular basis via tel and email. He looked into the RBC Dealer discount program and forwarded details in a timely fashion. Even after my purchase Brent followed up by calling and sending me a thank you letter (Something that many sales representative forget to do). Thank you Brent for all your helps and your kindness, it was and is most appreciated.

Lelia Amiralai

July 30 2013

Dear Matt,
Larry Wong is my new service adviser.
He did his best and more. I even went home with a car wash!
He concluded our test drive together by asking: "Have I restored your faith in Duecks' Service?"
The diagnosis is the vital ingredient. What service is required by a technician is simply a mechanical routine. The analysis given by a service adviser is where I am vulnerable and know it. My difficulty is deciphering right from wrong input. How can I know for what I should pay and what is really wrong or what fix is economically the best for the car.
After your $8,000. diagnostic identified the source of a problem (my dash engine icon was red), Larry presented a careful analysis of what he determined was how to fix it. He told me his logic and set me up with a solution. In a fast moving stream of customers & cars, with many requirements to push repairs into the system for speedy results, any paying customer can end up in the flow and not really know what is going on – staff & customer just want to go safely home with a car at the end of their day.
Larry performed differently and walked in my shoes - a senior with a big truck for her safety and a limited budget for her pension.
I appreciate so far the knowledgeable care and considerations given. Being with your GM dealership from whom all my Cadillac cars are purchased by me since 1974 (a silver Seville) is proving beneficial once again.
The energy needed to offer a willingness to serve, to be visibly accessible and answerable is apparent in your Service department as everyone can be seen pitching in to serve anyone who wants to be your customer. The electrical impulse from all your staff is a joy to feel. I thank you for this positive experience and initial visit involving not only Larry Wong but Rod MacLean and Sal, even Paul from Accessories upstairs.
All the best, with my thanks
Gins Doolittle
Cadillac Escalade 2000.



Attention: Stu Haskins, VP/General Manager GM Dueck on Marine



This thank you note is long over due, I'm sorry. But like that old saying goes, "better late than never".

I am from Ontario and my son lives in North Vancouver. We had his vehicle shipped from Ontario to BC in May 2013 where a Provincial Safety had to be done. Not knowing, or trusting anyone else - we chose GM Dueck and were fortunate to have the help and guidance of MATT SWITZER, your Service Manager. What a wonderful "first impression" of GM Dueck on Marine!

Matt was awesome! Friendly, very kind and helpful and truly cared about helping us out - making sure we were looked after. It is a helpless feeling being so far away, and for my Son, new to Vancouver and not knowing who to turn to for help with his vehicle needs. Matt went above and beyond as far as I am concerned. He took the time to explain the "process", what was involved with a Provincial Safety and assured us he and his staff would look after us when the vehicle arrived.

In this day and age, unfortunately, people seem to complain all the time, when quite often it isn't warranted - but never seem to take the time to compliment someone, especially when it is so deserving. I would like to give a huge shout out and THANK YOU to Matt for his kindness, excellent Customer Service and for giving us some "piece of mind" during a very stressful time. What a wonderful representative he is of General Motors and your dealership. How much easier our lives would be if everyone were like Matt! Everything he and your staff did for us was very much appreciated.

I hope you acknowledge Matt for a job well done - he certainly deserves it. People like Matt are worth their weight in gold and you should feel very proud and fortunate to have someone like Matt on your staff knowing he takes great pride in his work and making sure the customer is truly satisfied. People like Matt are few and far between - I wish there were more people like him!

Again, thank you to Matt at GM Dueck Marine - your kindness is appreciated more than you know! Because of you, my son will continue his service with your company and we will both continue to recommend GM Dueck. Nice to know someone we can trust and rely on.

Keep up the great work and excellent Customer Service!

Wishing you continued success.


Anne Sullivan


2013 Cadillac ATS

2013 Buick Verano



I want to take a moment to say thanks to you and your team for helpline guys buy our new Avalanche last week. Especially, I want you to know that your sales consultant Codey Lundgren did a particularly great job in working with us over a period of time to ensure that we were treated with respect, while providing the appropriate level of focus to support the decision to buy a car off of Dueck, and not one of your neighbours on Marine Drive. We were not ways on Codey as we swung between a couple of used trucks, and the new Avalanche; however Codey was consistent in his desire to help make our decision a Dueck decision. Most importantly he made the whole experience enjoyable.

Also want to thank Codey’s sales Manager who was supportive and again very positive in his apporacj to dealing with us.

I will day that our experience with the Dueck on Marine team was 10 out of 10. 

Congratulations to you in having team members like Codey, to me it speaks volumes about corporate Values.


Craig Archer




I wanted to drop a quick note to relate my experience with your dealership this past weekend, in hopes that you will forward it to your supervisors or dealership owner.

My wife, daughter and I came into your dealership on Sunday afternoon to gather some preliminary information on what options we have for an upcoming vehicle purchase. We intended to test drive a few vehicles that day (we had already visited KIA, Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Ford earlier that day). Our plans were to decide on a shortlist of vehicles and then come back in a couple of months once a final decision was made. Codey greeted us warmly and helped us with test drives, specs, and financing options. His sales manager was also very hands on and we felt as though we had a great team between the two of them helping us make a decision.

I have to say the only reason I decided to make the purchase the very next day was due the efforts of these two gentlemen. They were very patient, informative and above all honest and courteous. I understand they did everything they could to get us financing that worked with-out budget and I thank them for that.

Upon delivery of the vehicles there were a number of issues and roadblocks including both delivery issues and financing errors. At one point I had my wife and daughter sitting in the new vehicles, insurance transferred, keys in hand, and thought the deal would have to be cancelled due to an error in the financing paper work which was attributed either to human or computer error. I honestly thought that we wouldn’t be able to go forward and that I would have to go through the embarrassment of moving my personal items back into our old car, breaking my wife’s heart, and go through the process of transferring hack the insurance. Nicole, from your financing department, notified the sales manager and they went to work. After a lot of hard work and in about 45 minutes later, we drove off in our new vehicle.

I would like to re-iterate that if it weren’t for Codey, the sales manager, and Nicole’s hard work, we would not have a new Buick Lacrosse with a Dueck on Marine decal. Not only did they make this sale possible but they have attained a lifetime customer for you dealership. I look forward to coming back in the next couple of years to get me New GMC Terrain (fingers crossed); and this time Dueck on Marine will be the first dealership I visit to start my chopping.


                  - Mohammad-Reza Namazi

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