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GM Car Repair Service
It is a fact! Your service business is important to us. The biggest investment most Canadians make next to buying a new home, is buying a new car or truck. At Dueck we believe helping you maintain and protect your investment is the smartest thing we can do. We are committed to insure get the value and customer service you deserve everytime you visit us.

A major part of maintaining optimum engine performance is having your engine's oil changed at the recommended intervals. Why not visit one of Dueck's three locations, and have our factory trained technicians maintain your vehicle. Call our Customer Service Department today to book your oil change at (888) 793-7619.

Please feel free to click on the buttons below to schedule a service appointment with our Service Department, to view our maintenance schedule or to learn more about your vehicle.
The button above will take you to our standard service appointment form. Please allow 2 business days between now and your appointment date.

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